Carolinas House of Mercy (CHOM) was founded by Seema Azad, Asra Khan, and Arshia Mehdi in Charlotte, NC in 2010. Prior to the establishment of this organization, Mrs. Azad and Mrs. Khan have been known in the Greater Charlotte Muslim community as being very outspoken about the rights of women. In an unofficial capacity, they have been helping women in abusive situations for decades. Over the years, support has been provided by soliciting contributions from sympathetic donors within the community. In 2010, CHOM was officially formed and in 2015 was granted nonprofit status.


Raising awareness about domestic violence within immigrant communities and educating victims and their families about how to get help.


Educating battered women about their legal rights and how to integrate better into society.


Helping these women to become financially independent by providing employment assistance and/or vocational training


To either build or purchase property which can be used for housing victims of domestic violence and their families where we will:

1. Furnish basic needs and provide financial assistance when needed

2. Provide access to certified counselors, therapists, and doctors

3. Educate and train women to enter the workforce, become financially independent, and support themselves

4. Offer religious and spiritual support and guidance

5. Bring awareness and educate the Muslim and immigrant commnunities affected by DV


To empower victims of domestic violence, who are primarily American Muslims and belong to immigrant communities within the Carolinas, so that they may become self-sufficient.


To create a safe and comfortable enviornment for domestic violence victims and their families. Women from immigrant communities who are abused are already isolated from their families, who may be overseas, and many times come from a history of abuse.

Often when they seek help from others in their community, they are shamed and encouraged to return to their abuser. In our experience, domestic violence programs in the Carolinas are not culturally sensitive to Muslim and immigrant women who may have difficultly with language, openly practicing their faith, and dietary restrictions amongst other issues, which can lead to feelings of alienation.

As the woman is isolated from family, cast out of the immigrant community, and then taken to shelter where she may be subject to discrimination from other residents, she may become discouraged and depressed and return to her abuser. For this reason, CHOM seeks to create a shelter with these specific needs in mind.


Phone: +1(980) 280-6295

CHOM PO Box 38843
Charlotte, NC 28278


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